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Preformed Clamp

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Preformed Clamp, also known as a preformed band clamp or preformed hose clamp, is a type of fastening device used to secure hoses or other cylindrical objects. 

The preformed clamp is called "preformed" because it comes pre-shaped or pre-bent, unlike traditional hose clamps that are flat and require manual adjustment. The preformed shape allows for easier and more secure installation without the need for additional tools.

To use a preformed clamp, you typically position it around the hose or cylindrical object, aligning the ends of the clamp. Then, you tighten the clamp by squeezing or compressing it using either your hands or specialized pliers. As the clamp tightens, it applies pressure evenly around the object, creating a secure and reliable connection.

Preformed Clamp Use:

Preformed clamps are commonly used in various industries, including automotive, plumbing, industrial manufacturing, and irrigation systems. They are suitable for applications where a strong and uniform clamping force is required, providing a secure seal between hoses and preventing leaks or disconnections.

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