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Ground Preformed Strain Clamp

Ground Preformed Strain Clamp,find more information about Ground Preformed Strain Clamp products at Shijiazhuang Paerpu Import and Export Trading Co.,Ltd.
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Dead-ends are designed to hold insulated cables and bare homogeneous cables in transmission and distribution construction. Mechanical strength for these dead-ends are superior to that of homogeneous cables. But, for steel-core cables the strength is approx the same as the breaking load of the aluminum strands.

This products are manufactured with aluminum covered steel for ACSR and homogeneous conductor, with copper covered steel for copper conductors and galvanized steel for direct application on insulator conductor.
These transmission and distribution dead-ends must be used with a clevis thimble and insulators which have smoothly contoured surfaces adequate groove widths and loop diameters.

Ordering information
When ordering, please specify:
-conductor type, stranding, breaking strength, out layer direction

The out layer direction of transmission and distribution dead-ends must be same as that of the outer standing of the conductor to which it is applied.
Transmission&Ddistribution dead-ends-For  insulated and covered cables

High-tensile galvanized steel.
Suited for the full tensioning of  insulated conductors on transmission and  distributribution lines.
Selection chart

Model JKLYJ GB 14049-1993 Clamp length(mm) Clamp weight(kg) Fittings
Sectional area (mm²) Outside diameter(mm)
NL-35/JY 35 14.80 900 0.8 QH-7
NL-50/JY 50 16.10 980 1.1
NL-70/JY 70 17.80
NL-95/JY 95 19.60 1020 1.5
NL-120/JY 120 21.00
NL-150/JY 150 22.60 1020 1.8
NL-185/JY 185 24.20 1020 2.2
NL-240/JY 240 26.40
NL-300/JY 300 28.60 1020 3.0
Note: The meaning of the letters and numbers in the model no.: N-strain clamp;L-spiral preformed;after “-” is the suitable wire type;JY- insulation wire

Product feature

1. Our factory have passed the ISO9001 certificate.

2. Have a production capacity of 4 million preformed fittings per year, we are the largest production and wholesale factory in China at present.

3. Obtain the Beijing, Nanjing etc. industry authoritative testing organization certification.

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