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Guy Wire Fittings

Pole top make offs,Guy Wire Fittings,find more information about Pole top make offs products at Shijiazhuang Paerpu Import and Export Trading Co.,Ltd. The Pole top make offs is a complimentary fitting to the Guy-Grip,described earlier.It is in effect a custom built pole top stay,and consists of a single set of 3 galvanized steel wire of 1400Mpa strength,helically formed with a single uniformed 700Mpa core wire.
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China Guy Wire Fittings,Pole top make offs Manufacturers and Suppliers.Our company has good design, professional team, and the competitive price.We look forward to establishing a long-term relationship with you.


This type of dead ends is a fast, simple safe method for retaining or securing cables such as staywires, groundwires etc.

Standard products have an open helix loop but they can be supplied with a cabled loop to prevent slackening of the line after prolonged installation.

The dead ends are made of material compatible with the cable to which they are applied

The dead ends with helical wires are used to given an even distribution of force ever a wide surface preventing strain concentration and potential damage to conductors.

Its breaking load exceeds that of the conductor to which is applied.


The layer direction of distribution-grip dead ends must be the same as that of the outer stranding of the conductor to which it is applied.


When ordering, please specify:

-conductor type,stranding,breaking strength and lay direction

-groove width and diameter of fitting used.


Model Sectional area (mm²) Outside diameter(mm) Clamp length(mm) Clamp weight(kg) Fittings(thimble clevis、adjustable clamp)
NL-25G 25 6.60 640 0.2 0.2
NL-35G 35 7.80 720 0.3 0.3
NL-50G 50 9.00 910 0.5 0.5
NL-70G 70 11.00 1020 0.8 0.8
NL-95G 95 12.50 1340 1.7 1.7
NL-100G 100 13.00 1340 1.7 1.7
NL-120G 120 14.00 1460 2.2 2.2
Note:The meaning of the letters and numbers in the model no.:N-strain clamp;L-spiral preformed;after“-”is the suitable steel strand type;The guy wire is the galvanized steel cables (YB/T5004-1993).
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