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Preformed Suspension

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Preformed Suspension refers to a suspension system that is designed and manufactured to specific specifications and dimensions before being installed in a vehicle. This is in contrast to a custom suspension, which is built and installed on a vehicle based on individual specifications and requirements.

Preformed suspensions are typically mass-produced and can be purchased as aftermarket parts for various makes and models of vehicles. They are usually designed to improve handling, stability, and overall performance.

Preformed Suspension types:

Some common types of preformed suspensions include coilover kits, lowering kits, and lift kits. These suspensions can alter the ride height, adjust the stiffness of the suspension, and enhance the vehicle's ability to navigate different types of terrain.

Preformed suspensions are popular among car enthusiasts and individuals looking to upgrade their vehicle's suspension system without the need for extensive customization or modification. They are often considered a cost-effective solution for improving a vehicle's performance and ride quality.

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