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OPGW fitting preformed guy-grip dead end

OPGW fitting preformed guy-grip dead end is designed to grip the conductor uniformly to prevent distortion of the conductor.Guy grip also offers a unique design that eliminates bolts, nuts,washers and other component parts that may become lostor damaged during installation or in service.During installation, and at all times, care should be taken to avoid gouging or damaging the coating of the Distribution-Guy Grip dead-end or the conductor itself

1. Thimble:Hot dip galvanized steel precision thimble, in the U-shape bending head, which can make tension clamp connect with exstrain rod.
2. Shackle:Hot galvanized steel shackles play a role in connection with the tower fasteners. Failure load: U-7 to 70kN, U-10 to 100kN, U-12 to 120kN.
3. Preformed tension rods:Be made of galvanized steel wire or aluminum clad steel and preformed into the process when prefabricated beam, inner wall layer of emery stick, and enhance the friction between clamp and cable.
4. Preformed armour rods:Galvanized steel or aluminum clad steel wire, preformed armour rods wall sticky particulate silicon carbide to increase friction and reduce the pressure on the cable side. preformed rods  when the pre-processing into several sub-beams, to avoid installation errors and to facilitate rapid installation. Preformed wire toward the end of different specifications according to the radial lateral bending, to avoid vibration in the breeze under the cable clamp at the end of the friction and prevent damage to cable extrusion.
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