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electric power link fitting Preformed dead end grip

Preformed dead end grip belong to the electric power link fitting for helical dead end for OPGW /ADSS. The material of the product is aluminum clad steel wire or galvanized steel wire.It uaually used with U-clevis ,PD-clevis,thimble clevis, grounding clamps.

Component:Preformed rod, connector(hoop, U-shackle, etc.)
Certificate:ISO 9001:2008
1. For ADSS cable line's fixing, griping and pulling. 
2. Installed on angle, tension and terminal tower and pole within 50-200m span.
1. Guy Grip Clamp can be divided into the ordinary for the ordinary Guy Grip clamp, adjustable Guy Grip clamp for fixed large-scale Tower and a large microwave tower Guy Grip clamp, etc..It can replace commonly used in domestic fixed-line tower on the UT Guy Grip clamp, wedge clamp, etc.
2. Guy Grip  clamp preformed wire legs twisted and the formation of air traffic control, rear for the preformed cutter ring.The formation of preformed wire legs wrapped in air traffic control when the Guy  line can produce a strong grip strength, and to fix the twisted ring anchor or tower on the ground
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