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OPGW&ADSS Preformed Fittings

Paerpu is a company specializing in the production of preformed fittings, mainly pre-stressed products for power transmission and distribution and electrified railway fittings.
OPGW&ADSS preformed fittings is one of Paerpu’s main products, which has a very good protective effect on fixed pull wires. There are many types of OPGW&ADSS preformed fittings, such as OPGW&ADSS Preformed tension clamp, OPGW&ADSS Preformed suspension clamp and so on. The variety means that we can meet the needs of customers in different aspects, and can create a full range of products and services for customers.
OPGW And ADSS Preformed Fittings
The design of OPGW&ADSS preformed fittings avoids bolts or high-stress fixing devices and can provide good performance. And because its GUY-GRIP end is made of the same material as the stranded wire used, OPGW&ADSS preformed fittings have high-strength anti-corrosion performance and extremely high durability.
OPGW&ADSS preformed fittings are currently widely used in power transmission and distribution and electrification. If you have any needs in this regard, please contact us in time and look forward to our cooperation!
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