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Cable Margin Supporters For OPGW Manufacturer

When wrapping the cable connection ends, the Cable Margin Supporters For OPGW is used for additional cables. Usually, each splice box is provided with a cable margin support.
Our models include three types: OYLJ, OYLJ-T, and OYLJ-G. Some include tower and pole respectively, and some do not include both.
Properly designed cable supports must not only be capable of supporting a given weight of cable with a good margin of safety but must also support the cable without damaging the insulation or excessively reducing the amount of insulation over the conductor in the area where the cable is supported .
Paerpu is a professional Cable Margin Supporters For OPGW manufacturer. For customers, we must provide the best quality assurance and technical support. Therefore, if you want to buy Cable Margin Supporters For OPGW, Paerpu is your best choice.

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