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strain clamp price for sale

strain clamp supplier Specifications
Link fitting to connect insulators and fittings on high voltage pole line high tensile strength
Bolt type pole transmission line?hardware strain clamp is used in high voltage?pole line to connect power fitting string or insulators
Material: aluminum alloy
Characteristic: High tensile strength long elongation hot dip galvanized
strain clamp supplier
Quality indemnity:
1. ISO9001 Certificaion
2.Test?checking prior to shipment
3. GB/T national standard
4.Type test report provided
Other products supplied: suspension clamp, strain clamp, link fitting, splicing fitting, protective Fitting, guy Wire fitting, ball eyes, socket clevis, shackles, adjuster plates, yoke Plate, support bracket, preformed amour rod, vibration damper, spacer, grading Shielding ring, counter weight, guy clip, double strap, UT Wedge Clamp, cross arm,?turnbuckle, dead-end clamp, tension clamp, thimble, stay rod, compression splicing sleeve, repair sleeve etc
Note: accept order with supplied drawings,processing with supplied samples,deisign drawings
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