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overhead lines fittings manufacturers

we are overhead lines fittings manufacturers,if you need,pls leave us messages.we can supply overhead lines fittings to you.
We are one of the biggest manufacturers of end fitting for insulator and pole line hardwares in China.
Forging Link Plate Line Fitting/Line Accessories,Overhead Fittings for Power Distribution
overhead lines fittings
The parts cover both high voltage and low voltage lines in all types of material with process of casting, forging, stamping, fabricating as well as machining etc

1) Material: ----Carton steel, alloy steel, stainless steel
2)Friction press machine: 25Ton~1000Ton
3) Manufacturer certification: ISO9001 (2000)
4)Hot DIP galvanization,
5)Surface: Pickling oil, galvanization, chromeplate, Hot dip galv, Painting, Powder coating
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