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Where to find overhead lines fittings manufacturers

Where to find overhead lines fittings manufacturers? Shijiazhuang Paerpu Import and Export Trading Co.,Ltd is the china overhead lines fittings manufacturers, With the complete set of independent development,exploitation,high efficient,high quality preformed fittings production equipment. Dead end preformed tension clamp from our company have a good quality and competitive price, we look forward to cooperating with customers all over the world.

Material list
1. U-Anchor shackle: Hot-dig galvanized steel
2. Paraller plate: Hot-dig galvanized steel
3. Clevis Thimble: Hot-dig galvanized steel
4. Outer armour rods: Aluminum clad steel
5. Inner reinforcing armour rods: Aluminum clad steel
6. Parallel groove clamp: Aluminum Alloy
7. Earth bonding laed: Aluminum

1. Please choose the suitable suspension clamp according to the outer diameter of OPGW cable and RTS.Suitable for long span river,high span valley etc. special place.
2. the quantity configuration : 1 set / terminal line tower,2 sets/strain pole tower
3. the turning direction of inner preformed wire different from the outer ones, the standard configuration is turning right, if turning left,please note it in the contract.
4. clamp strength:70KN,100KN,120KN,160KN,210KN,250KN,300KN etc.
5. Suggest to use one time after the clamp afford full strain.
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