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Suspension Clamp Structure

Suspension clamp Structure and Raw Material: 

1. Housing Clamp------It is made of cast aluminum alloy, which is stable, better anticorrosive in areo and mechanical performance.
2. Rubber Insert------It is made of high-class rubber, compounded for resistance to ozone, wheathering extreme high and low temperature variations and compression set.
Bolt, Nut, Split Washer, Lock Pin------Hot dipped galvanized.
3. Flat Washer------Electric power standards
4. Anchor Shackle------Electric power standards
5. Outer Protection Rods ------High strength aluminium alloy for wheathering extreme high and low temperature variations, compression set, water resistance and high hardness.
6. Inner Protection Rods------the same to Outer Protection Rods
7. Connection Hardware----- Anchor Shackle,Clevis Screw, UB Hang Plate,ZH Hang Plate, Electric
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