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Sprial Vibration Dampers For ADSS Manufacturers

Sprial Vibration Dampers For ADSS eliminates or reduces the vibrations that come from the effect of laminar flow wind, and prevents damage of the hardware fittings and the cables.

Sprial Vibration Dampers For ADSS Manufacturers

Sprial Vibration Dampers For ADSS features:

1.Eliminates damage caused by Aeolian vibration and reduces overall vibration on bare ADSS cables

2.Large, helically-formed damping section sized for the ADSS cable

3.Weather-resistant, non-corrosive plastic

4.Installation can be on both sides of the support location

Our advantages for Sprial Vibration Dampers For ADSS:

1.Our factory have passed the ISO9001 certificate.

2.Have a production capacity of 4 million preformed fittings per year,we are the largest production and wholesale factory in China at present.

3.Obtain the Beijing,Nanjing etc. industry authoritative testing organization certification.


As professional Sprial Vibration Dampers For ADSS suppliers&manufacturers,we are now selling Sprial Vibration Dampers For ADSS.There are many types of OPGW&ADSS Preformed fittings .So ,Please provide diameter size of the pole with you order if you need it for different type of poles.

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