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Preformed Suspension Clamp Usage and Characteristics

The Preformed Suspension Clamp is the connecting hardware of ADSS cable which hanging in transmission line pole (tower). It can reduce static stress at the support point, improve cable ant-vibration ability, and cushioned against the dynamic stress of Aeolian vibration. as well as ensure that the cable bending will not exceed the permissible values, make the cable does not produce bending stress, so that the fiber optic don’t produce extra loss in the cables.

If Suspension Set for ADSS is adopted double layers helical rods designing, it is generally used for 300M-400M span length ADSS installation, which clamp break strength is less than 70KN, grip strength is less than 15% -20% RTS of the cable.
It is composed of aluminum alloy and aluminum-clad steel helical rods ,Aluminum housing and other link fittings.

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