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Preformed Dead End Exporters

Preformed Dead End. We are among the leading manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers of high quality Preformed Dead End

Preformed Dead End Uses:

  1. Preformed Dead Ends are used for connecting and gripping the conductor, grounding wire and optical fiber application.
  2. Preformed dead end is widely used in power transmission and distribution lines.Its main function is to tighten the conductor and install it on the terminal tower.It bear the line operating tension and other additional loads.
  3. Applicable to all kinds of conductors, stranded wires, optical cables, etc., different types of pre-formed dead ends are designed for different occasions.

Preformed Dead End Features:

  1. The stress of clamped conductor is evenly distributed along the wrapping conductor segment to ensure the grip forth on the conductor  and avoid the damage to the conductor caused by stress concentration.
  2. The clamp stracture installed on the conductor can enhance the vibration resistance of the conductor and extend the service life of the conductor.
  3. Installation is convenient,the construction personnel only needs to ensure that the clamp is evenly wound around the conductor,without any tools,installation quality is easy to ensure.

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Preformed Dead End Exporters
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