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Preformed ADSS & OPGW Cable

Preformed ADSS & OPGW cable is a frequently used accessory in the process of cable operation, which has a good protective effect on optical fiber.

Metal wires are not used in ADSS cables. The optical fibers are either supported in loose buffer tubes or arranged in a ribbon configuration. In order to prevent pressure from being applied to the fibers, most types provide excess slack length for the fibers compared to the length of the support member.

While using preformed ADSS & OPGW cable, it must be equipped with the support of other accessories. It may be a tension-type accessory, which is used to terminate or change the direction of the cable, or it may be a suspension-type accessory, which only transmits tension through the next cable span to maintain the weight of the span. Reinforcing rods are used for dead ends and sometimes can be used on either side of the suspension bracket.

Of course, high altitude is often affected by wind speed and wind, so if you want to reduce the impact of wind vibration, you can install shock absorbers on each span close to the support point.

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