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Optical Cable China Manufacturer

Hebei Boersen Photoelectric Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional optical cable China manufacturer, other main products inlclude preformed tension clamp/armor rods equipment, Preformed ADSS & OPGW Cable, Preformed Products for Transmission & Distribution and electrified railway fittings.

Structure feeatures OPGW optical cable :
1. Cable diameter is small, light weight , low additional load on the tower ;
2. Stainless steel wire diameter greater than aluminum and aluminum alloy wire ;
3. Stainless steel fiber unit is located in the central part of twisted layer , 4. protected by the slightly better ;
5. For maximum fiber excess length ( a ) in the smallest pipe ;
6. When mounted anti- twisting single- armor , anti- side pressure, tensile properties somewhat less ;
7. Operating temperature : -40~+80℃

OPGW cable
1. High quality standards for designing, testing and producing with grade A materials available to ensure long-term reliability.
2. Engineering support supervising and providing its own line of accessories hardware.
3. Larger tensile strength and fault current capacity to reach a better balance of electrical and mechanical performance.
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