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looking for preformed guy-grip dead end

preformed guy-grip dead end
1.Clamp structure is simple,easily installed
2. Its legs twisted wire preformed and the formation of air traffic control, rear twist for the preforming  ring.The formation of preformed wire legs wrapped in wire can produce a very strong grip force,  twist the ring to fix the insulator.
3.The clamp distribute the stress uniformity, improved ability of aseismatic without any damage on cable.
4.Shackle:Hot galvanized steel,U-7,U-10,U-12,and failure load is 70kN,100kN and 120kN.
5. Extension Link:Hot galvanized steel precision,and failure load is 70kN,100kN and 120kN.
preformed guy-grip dead end
6.Heart-shaped ring tension:Hot galvanized steel precision, and failure load is 70kN,100kN and 120kN.
7.Preformed armour rods:Galvanized steel or aluminum clad steel wire, wall stick with emery, increase friction and reduce the pressure on the cable side, and was prefabricated into several sub-beams to prevent installation errors and to facilitate rapid installation.
8.Preformed tension rods:Galvanized steel or aluminum clad steel wire, when pre-processing into a bunch, sticking with a solid diamond wall to reduce lateral pressure on the cable under the conditions of increased Clamp grip. Tu preformed wire color-coded tags, to avoid installation errors, for quick installation.
Normally the preformed tension clamps will be assembled with thimble, thimble clavis, adjustable stay rod, adjustable guy clamp and insulators.
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