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Down-leading Clamp For ADSS For Sale

The role of Down-leading Clamp For ADSS is to fix the ADSS optical cable led down from the tower to the tower so that it does not shake and avoids the optical cable from wearing.
Down-leading Clamp For ADSS For Sale
How to use: 
It is used to fix the optical cable when the optical cable is led down and jumped. One set of optical cable is required to be installed for every 1.5-2.0 meters of optical cable.
It can be adjusted according to the actual use environment. In case of severe environments, the number of clamps can be appropriately increased.

The Down-leading Clamp is mainly used for the fixed installation of ADSS and OPGW optical cables on the poles and towers.
As professional Down-Leading Clamp manufacturers,we are now selling Down-Leading Clamp ADSS.There are many types of OPGW&ADSS Preformed fittings ,and the standard configuration of down-leading clamp is for poles with 300mm diameter.

So ,Please provide diameter size of the pole with you order if you need it for different type of poles.
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