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China Preformed Fittings Supplier

we are Preformed fittings supplier from china.The preformed suspension clamp for ADSS/OPGW cable is mainly used to suspend the overhead ADSS/OPGW cable onto tower or pole. It's suitable for ADSS/OPGW cable, the conductor and grounding wire on transmission line. It is recommended to be used on the line with angle less than 30°.
1. Very low static stress with reasonable distribution, good bearing capacity for dynamic stress (such as vibration and waving). The grip strength to cable reaches 10%~20% of the cable's RTS.
2. No rigidity contact with the cable/conductor. Minimum abrasion.
3. Excellent materials enable the clamp to be with good elasticity, well tenacity, strong fatigue resistance, well corrosion resistance and long & safe service life.
4. Not only does it protect the cable/conductor, but also its round and smooth outer shape can reduce the corona discharge and electromagnetic loss immensely.
5.Convenient installation.
 professional China Preformed fittings supplier
 The preformed suspension clamp consists of inner reinforcing rods, outer rods, rubber insert, suspension housing, and grounding wire etc.  

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