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Advantage of Guy-grip dead ends

We are professional Guy-grip dead ends supplier, exposed conductor transmission and distribution grids and insulated overhead conductors also used to use. Reliability and economic advantages are simple line.The structure better than the pre-set tension of the bolt type hydraulic compression and tension set is now being widely used, and is formed from pre-formed legs tube structure wound wire line naturely and will have a huge holding force. Novel structure and detailed design will help set the tension of the wire set.The aluminum-clad steel wire chain reliability, galvanized steel and other materials are usually laid by the concentric.
Guy-grip dead ends
Guy-grip dead ends Advantage:

1) The Guy Grip is able to endure the high intension and grip strength. The grip strength of clamp is not less than 95% CUTS.

2) The clamp distributing the stress uniformity, improved ability of aseismatic without any damage on conductor..So that extended the using life of the conductor.

3) It bears the excellence of easy installation and construction, Shorted the working time. Operated this clamp by one person and need the special tool.

4) Easy to guarantee the quality of installation, inspectioned by optic view without special trainning.

5) Prefect corrosion resistance; The same material with conductor promiss that the clamp owned excellent ability of electrochemistry corrosion resistance.
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