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Distribution ties are designed for securing conductors in the top groove of rigid insulators vertically mounted.
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Distribution ties are designed for securing conductors in the top groove of rigid insulators vertically mounted.
This specific distribution tie provides perfect resistance to mechanical strain under all types of motion including aeolian vibration, galloping and sway.
Distribution tie design takes into account a tie pad to protect the bare conductor from abrasion at the conductor insulator interface.
Tie pads are not required with jacketed conductors.
This product is manufactured with the same grade material| as the conductor to which it is applied.

Mechanical strength
Distribution ties have a slip load exceeding 3.5kN in unbalanced load conditions. This strength is usually sufficient to contain a broken conductor to a single span.

The lay direction of distribution ties must be the same as that of the outer stranding of the conductor to which it is applied.

Top ties
-For insulated conductors  

Selection chart

Model (naked wire) Model no. (insulation wire) Wire diameter Product Parameter Suitable International wire
Min. Max. Color Num. Of one set LJ Comment insulation (10KV) thin-insulation (10KV)
BDT6100 BDT6200 4.83 5.46 Blue 2 16 10
BDT6101 BDT6201 5.74 6.2 Brown 2 16
BDT6102 BDT6202 6.21 7.04 Orange 2 25
BDT6103 BDT6203 7.05 8 Purple 2 35
BDT6104 BDT6204 8.01 9.07 Red 2 50
BDT6105 BDT6205 9.08 10.29 Yellow 2
BDT6106 BDT6206 10.3 11.66 Blue 2 70
BDT6107 BDT6207 11.67 13.21 Orange 2 95 10、16
BDT6108 BDT6208 13.22 14.94 Red 2 120 25
BDT6109 BDT6209 14.95 16.89 Purple 2 150 25、35 35、50
BDT6110 BDT6210 16.9 19.18 Brown 2 185、210 50 70
BDT6111 BDT6211 19.2 21.79 Red 2 240 70、95 95、120
BDT6112 BDT6212 21.82 24.59 Blue 2 300 120、150 150、185
BDT6113 BDT6213 24.61 27.84 Green 2 400 185 240
Note:Suit for dextro naked wire and insulation wire.

Helical rods: Aluminum alloy

BDT… are used to insulated cables.

Product feature

1. Our factory have passed the ISO9001 certificate.

2. Have a production capacity of 4 million preformed fittings per year, we are the largest production and wholesale factory in China at present.

3. Obtain the Beijing, Nanjing etc. industry authoritative testing organization certification.

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