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Guy grip dead end Electric power fittings

Guy grip dead ends is one type of Electric power fittings, Wire clip is made of galvanized steel wire,aluminum wire, aluminum alloy wire, copper clad steel wire, etc.Standard products have an open helix loop but they can be supplied with a cabled loop to prevent slackening of the line after prolonged installation.

1. Structure is simple, can be easily installed.
2. It's legs twisted wire preformed and the formation of air traffic control, rear twist for the preforming ring.The formation of preformed wire legs wrapped in wire can produce a very strong grip force, twist the ring to fix the insulator.
3. The clamp distributing the stress uniformity, improved ability of aseismatic without any damage on conductor.

Our advantage
We are factory of various lectric power fittings, such as linking fitting, protective fitting,splicing fitting, clamps,connectors etc. Our most distinguished advantage is we can design or organized the complete suspension or tension insulator string according to your need. Please contact us for more information.
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