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Guy Grip Exporters

Guy Grip. guy grip dead end,preformed guy grip.We are among the leading manufacturers, suppliers and wholesalers of high quality Guy Grip. 

What Is Guy Grip

  1. Guy Grip is intended for use on single wood poles associated with distribution construction. 
  2. Guy Grip has helically formed legs with inert grits on every turn that holds the messenger wire, conductor or fiber optic cable securely. Also, the strand is tacked together on the bent part of the guy grip. 
  3. Guy Grip is also known as the guy grip dead end or a preformed guy grip. The raw materials of the preformed guy grip are aluminum wire, galvanized steel wire or aluminum clad steel wire.

Guy Grip Use:

  1. The recognized and reliable preformed guy grip dead end for the connection is also responsible to grip the conductor, ground the wire, and application for optical fiber.
  2. According to the application, guy grip dead end clamps are used to connect the anchor rod on the pole end or wrap the conductor on the tower or join the grounding wire.

How does the guy grip work?

  1. The guy grip is applied by simply wrapping the legs of the guy grip on the conductor, grounding wire or cable by hand. 
  2. When the guy grips dead end wrap on the conductor or stay wire, there will be strong grip strength to avoid the slip between guy grip and conductors.
  3. The closed circle will be joined with anchor rod or insulators on pole or tower.

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Guy Grip Exporters
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